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Evolution serves as an introduction to those interested in or seeking to transition to a plant-based lifestyle.

We use lots of organic ingredients, and everything is 100% non-GMO. Our commitment to non-GMO products discourages the use of toxic chemical pesticides and fertilizers, which are not only destroying our oceans and their ecosystems, but also the pollinators vital to our food supply.

In addition to feeding hungry folks with animal-free, delicious food, we strive to educate them on the impact of their purchases. Did you know that the biggest way you can contribute to reversing climate change, rebuild the health of our topsoil, clean our air, and save our vanishing forests and wildlife, is to adopt a plant-based diet?

We make it easy, affordable, and rewarding on all levels to help save the planet and all its inhabitants.

- Mitch

Founder of Evolution Fast Food

Our Press


Evolution Fast Food Newsletter

Evolution Fast Food Newsletter

Issue No 1

Evolution Mural Artist

Evolution Mural Artist

Eye Gato Instagram

Evolution proudly features the work of artist Eye Gato.



Stuff We Love

Saucy burgers. Loaded fries. Chicken tenders with ranch dressing. This is what’s happening at the all-vegan @evolutionfastfood in San Diego.



The World's First Vegan Drive-Thru Restaurant

Did you know? Evolution Fast Food is the world’s first vegan drive-thru restaurant! Since opening in San Diego in 2004, Evolution Fast Food has been a fan-favorite for locals and visitors alike. The menu features a variety of must-try comfort food dishes that are made in-house with non-GMO ingredients. The next time you’re in San Diego, don’t miss out on your chance to try the food from this OG spot!

Our Charites


Lean and Green Kids

Education and empowering youth to create a healthier, greener, and kinder world for all.

We envision a world where our youth thrive in a culture of health, environmental stewardship, and ethical food systems. We are dedicated to helping students make conscientious food choices to participate in creating a healthier, greener, and more socially just world.

What's Happening


The Good Good Market Collab

Vegan Food & Lifestyle Market Happening Twice a Month

That Good Good Market is a vegan, cruelty-free, environmentally conscious market brought to you by two certified grass eaters determined to bring together an amazing community with an eclectic taste in food and culture. So join us and let's save the planet one bite at a time.

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